IASEB is the International Admission Examination Board, aimed at alleviating the problem of gaining admission into high educational institutions inside and outside Nigeria. The goal is to use the tests as preparation courses in our centres throughout the world.

The body to conduct this examination will also be responsible for the evaluation and measurement of candidates of Nigerian origin who intend to study outside the shores of Nigeria but especially in Africa, South America, Asia North America, Oceania and Europe.

International Admission Screening Examination (External)

The above-mentioned branch of the test evaluate prospective applicants from all over the world who want to study in Nigeria and Nigerian students who have finished their WAEC and NECO organized examinations and passed out with the required numbers of credit passes relevant to the chosen university course of study but want to study outside the shores of Nigeria. The examination dates for International Admission Screening Examination (External) is in the months of April, June, October and December every year.

International Admission Screening Examination (Internal)

The above-mentioned branch of the test evaluate only students who just finished their Senior School Certificate Examinations or those that are still in the final year in secondary schools awaiting WAEC/NECO. This test will run before but like the Senior School Certificate Examination, it is administered on the students in their respective schools but will be limited to those who have indicated the interest to do so. Furthermore, after the test, successful students, who also passed at least five subjects relevant to the tertiary institution’s chosen course of study, from their WAEC/NECO administered examination, shall automatically qualify to directly go into any university or place of higher study of their choice. In any case where students fail to pass the IASE internal examination, but still desires to study in the tertiary institutions such student shall then be registered for the next IASE examination in the ensuing months of the test without losing out a full year of wastefulness, anguish and frustration. The examination dates shall be by March, August and November yearly.